Vegas, baby

Well, looks like we’re doing this Vegas thing, which couldn’t be more perfectly timed since I succumbed to the plague that’s been passed around like everyone’s favorite party favor, and I spent the better part of this past week in bed while watching Netflix (I heartily and highly recommend The Marvelous Mrs Maisel) and drinking … More Vegas, baby

Oh, Canada!

As wonderful as personal evolution and growth can be, it’s wasted if you’re still a slave to the same old circumstances, people and places. And San Francisco had been trying to tell me quite loudly for a while that my time there was up.  But as my mother put it, I’m a stubborn learner at … More Oh, Canada!


I’m going to press pause on the storytelling for now because this past week I hit upon a milestone, although it’s not one of those milestones that you glorify and bust out the champagne for. This milestone was the loss of my little animal companion of the last two decades. I remember going into the … More Lolita

Welcome Home

My dear friend Tom initiated me into the wonderful world of Burning Man when he bought me my first ticket as a birthday present. I would ask, “What’s it like?” To which he’d reply, “I know this is frustrating, because I hated it when other people would say this to me before my first time, … More Welcome Home

Marcus Aurelius

A literal invitation to dance on one sunny morning at the Endup led to a new circle of friends with which to discover San Francisco’s hedonistic delights. I bounced between the Endup, pool parties, house parties and boat parties with a group of party professionals. I was glad to have the company of my party … More Marcus Aurelius

La Vie En Rose

My itch for adventure and yearning to get out into this big world of ours led me overseas right after college. Following in my mother’s footsteps and eager to pratiquer mon francais, I chose Paris and landed myself in a nanny program. It seemed as if all stars and planets were in alignment, and fortune … More La Vie En Rose

High Times on the Low Road – My Life On The Campaign Trail

“Oh hello Senator, I didn’t see you there…So apparently we’ve been doing this Facebook thing since exactly one year ago today, or so they tell me. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that little time, given how much we’ve packed into 12 months. Suffice to say, my life has definitely become more ridiculous since … More High Times on the Low Road – My Life On The Campaign Trail